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27 reviews
  • David Fuller·

    Mason is doing an excellent job providing me with workouts that keep me motivated and progressing toward my fitness goals. He listens to my feedback and adjusts exercises to my ability.

  • Steve·

    JR is an excellent trainer. I can see definite improvement in my strength and endurance since I started working with him. He’s the first trainer I’ve worked with and wish I had started sooner.

  • North·

    JR is a well educated and top notch strength and conditioning coach. He is iterating over a custom strength training plan for me that will fit into my endurance cycling workouts. He understands the difficulties and nuance of combining strength training and endurance training while providing enough recovery. He knows all about progressive overload, training stress scores, macro and micro periodization, block training, and other concepts that many coaches don't understand. I feel lucky to have such a good coach.

  • Deek·

    JR was waiting for me when I arrived and did a great job of explaining my options. He answered my questions clearly and now have a good idea of how to proceed.

  • Christopher Lauderdale·

    Mason is very knowledgeable about kinesiology and sports science, and explains things in a complete way.

  • Erica·

    Last session with Devin tonight before I travel for quite a while! He's been a great trainer and I can't believe how much stronger and more balanced I am. Looking forward to switching to a hybrid plan so I can maintain my strength while traveling! Thanks Devin!

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